Bar/ restaurant

In Gualchos we have two bars

There is one bar at the plaza, Bar la Plaza and the other one just beside the parking place – El Albero. You can order food and drink from both of them. Usually they open around 09:00 and close for siesta in the afternoon. In the evening they open again around six.

Carmens paella att Bar la Plaza is delicious!


You can drink the water directly from the tap. Also you can fill your bottle with fresh springwater from the mountains at the fountain at the plaza


Parking is free in Gualchos. There are two public parkings in the village. One close to the bus stop at the west side of the village and one parking place just beside Bar Albero at the east side.

Just remember – do not park if there is a yellow line in the ground! It means that parking is forbidden


Daniel and Christina run the village supermercado. Here you find lots of things from postcards to fresh meat.

Of course also bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit, wine, water and a lot more.

Opening hours from 09:30 – 13:30 and 18:00 – 20.30


You can easily go to the beach in Castell de Ferro. It is a long and wide beach equipped with toilets, showers, places to buy food and drink. the beach is a bit stony, we recommend you wear bathing shoes

You can find long open beach at Calahonda or go to the small lagoon, Playa Rijana situated between Castell de Ferro and Calahonda. Park at the right side of the road and walk through the tunnel under the road. In August they usually open a small fish bar here.